Friday, January 05, 2007

Golden Wok

We've been to the Wurzbach location several times now and have never been disappointed. The children are happy to watch the Koi swimming as we cross the bridge over a small pond to the front door. The decor is warm and inviting. There is a bar where you can watch the chefs set occasional fire to things and a plasma television you can turn to if there is a lapse in the conversation. Best of all, there is dim sum. Although the true dim sum experience involves selecting sample-sized morsels of food from a rolling cart, I am perfectly happy to order mine from a menu and not have to look at scary things like chicken feet and quail eggs while I try to distinguish the things I will enjoy very much from the things that I decidedly will not.

Our favorite dishes:
Har Gau
Shrimp Sui Mai
Cheng Fun (though they have yet to have it available with shrimp when we are there.)
Shrimp Toast (This consists of whole shrimp instead of the traditional minced shrimp with sesame seeds and therefore doesn't meet K's approval, but I like it well enough.)
Spiced Calamari (Not spiced enough for K.)
Shrimp with Broccoli (The children like this one, too, broccoli included!)

We ordered all of this with rice and drinks for two adults and two children, and were well-fed and happy for only $38 before the tip. We'll definitely go back when we can!


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