Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Colonial Room Restaurant

The Colonial Room Restaurant at the reputedly haunted Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio is well worth going to, but probably not a good idea with small children in tow. We only had one toddler with us when we went in 2003, but we felt very out of place with the tuxedo-clad waiter hovering over us and every noise little Layth made echoing through the otherwise muted dining room. That said, the lobster tail we had there was so wonderful that it has put all other lobster tails before and since to shame. Honestly, I used to love lobster any time I could have it, and I've been so disappointed with all lobster ever since the one at the Colonial Room that I just don't even order them anymore.

I would definitely go back if I had someone to watch the children, but I won't take my children there until they're grown.


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