Saturday, December 30, 2006


This isn't usually the kind of movie I would go see, but I vaguely remember putting Oscar-nominated movies on my list of movies to see last year, and this one had a best actress nominee. I transferred my list to Blockbuster Online, forgot to prioritize the movies at one point, and got Transamerica in the mail. We finally got around to watching it today and it was a decent movie, if you don't have any strong prejudices against transsexuals. Felicity Huffman did an impressive job, and K didn't even realize it was a woman playing the role until I pointed it out. He was hesitant to believe me even then.

I felt sorry for this character for most of the movie, and I felt sorry for the actress for being manly enough to get this role. Even more impressive than the movie was the interview with Felicity Huffman in the bonus section of the DVD that showed that she was actually a pretty and feminine woman.

Made me laugh: Yes.
Made me cry: No.
Made me think: Yes.
Watchability: I'm glad I saw it, even if I wasn't that excited about it beforehand.
1-10 rating: 7.5


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