Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From a Buick 8

I enjoyed this book. It was creepy enough to satisfy my Stephen King cravings without being so scary I couldn't spend the night alone in my own home. I accidentally discovered through IMDB that there's a movie in the making. I get more scared by the movies than I do by the books, probably because of the scary music and sudden loud noises that movies use to scare you, so I'm not likely to pay to see it, but if it comes to television, I'll give it a try.

Made me laugh: No.
Made me cry: No.
Made me think: No.
Readability: I could hardly put it down, and finished it fairly quickly.
1-10 rating: 7


Blogger Sarge said...

I thought Salem's Lot was a scary book...I mean, where no movie would compare.

Cool site.



10:21 PM  

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